Bug- Creating New Page Tag and Merging Hangs in Perpetuity

Go to merge a new tagged page that we moved. Just hangs for ever with this configuration. Let it run for an hour without success. I don't think you can merge after a tagged page is added. 

Stuck in the mud and can't log a support case. Totally get self service support for free product. Hoping since I found what appears to be a bug someone from Pendo monitor this?

For context, the merge with existing page structure and content is nearly identical to the newly tagged page. We had decided to fork the functionality from our dashboard into it's own dedicated page.

My guess is there are some differences that are subtle enough to where it is possibly hanging? Not sure ,



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    Hi Ryan -- what you are reporting is a recently identified issue that Pendo Engineering is working to remedy. Can I ask that you submit a Support ticket with your subscription details for tracking purposes and so that we can notify you once a fix has been issued?

    Thank you!

  • I am having the same issue and support has not been able to come up with a solution!

  • @Ben. I don't have ability to log tickets as free user or even reply to your message in this form. Was directed to forum from your docs and from tying to email your support team... Is there an ETA on this one? My work around would be tag a new page and lose all of the historical data / context for the new tag (we split one page into 2). I don't want to publish my instance ID in a public forum but there is generally no way to communicate with Pendo without being a paid customer. 

  • Ryan Goodman Engineering released the fix for this issue earlier this afternoon and I've confirmed the ability to merged Untagged URLs!