Best Practice Question for tagging a page that could be represented by multiple URLs

Hi, just wanted to get some insight on the best practice when tagging a page that could have multiple URLs depending on how the user gets to it.

We have a page/view within a record which has its own URL if accessed from the start point of the record, itself. However, we have links, elsewhere in the product which take the user straight to that view - bypassing the normal overview startpoint of the record - and when they use one of those links, the URL presented for this page is different. 

I know that I could create a tag that incorporates both of those URLs to represent that page. However, if I want to do look at tracking data on how users access the page, or place guides specific to users who might access it one way over another, can I do that with that one, multiple-URL tag? Or would it be better to create two discrete tags (or perhaps even three: one for each URL and one combined)?

Thanks for your help!



  • You can usually accomplish this by tagging it in the broadest way, then using a path report to see how users land there.