Can a guide be dynamic to two products - just by changing the text description in the steps

I have a Product1 & Product2, same functionality. Guides gets called for the Product2 as well, but with the details of Product1. In anyways can that be dynamic?



  • Pendo allows you to have dynamic text that pulls from the metadata you attribute to your visitors and accounts. For example, if you attribute visitor names in your metadata, you can pull these values into your guide text using the following format:

    Hi {}! --would look like--> Hi Sowmya!

    You can also add fallbacks in case these values are not populated at any given time: 

    Hi {|User/}! --would look like--> Hi Sowmya! (OR) Hi User!

    This functionality is called "Guide Personalization" and falls under the overarching "Guide Logic" functionality. You can read more about it here:
    For your question specifically, the section can be found here: Guide personalization

    Note: In order to use this functionality, you have to have the "Enable guide logic plugin" checkbox selected under your applications' settings. 

  • Thank you , But I need it based on the site name. Like,

    For the first site -- >  it should be Welcome to our "Product 1"  and

    in the second site it should be Welcome to "Product 2"

  • To keep things simple, you can add a metadata value to your visitor metadata attributes that reflect the product they are on. Then you would add something like: 

    "Welcome to our {visitor.product/}" or if you include a fallback (recommended), something like "Welcome to our {visitor.product|website/}". 

    Going this route will help you scale by adding this metadata value as something you can use for future guides as well.