Pendo Guide is opening in all tabs of the app where target element is present

We have setup a guide which is triggered based on click of a target element.

Our app is a single page application and all links open in new tab.

Now when a user clicks on target element, the page opens in new tab along with the guide. This is expected. But the guide is now shown in all tabs where the target element is present, thus resulting in bad user experience.

How can we ensure the guide is opened only on the page which is opened because of click of target element?

Note: Target element is a button which is present in all pages of our app.



  • Have you ensured that the guide is set to load only on a specific page, not sitewide? If I'm understanding the example, the new page that loads should be a different URL, but has the same button present? If that's the case, make sure in settings the guide is only showing on the specific page you want, not 'sitewide' (which is the default).