Guide poll where users can answer/rank options by importance

Is it possible to create a guide where users can "rank" the available options/responses by level of importance to them or their agency? We are strategizing for next year, and we want to begin researching items for implementation. Thanks!



  • I'd love an answer to this as well. Having this feature to push out to clients would help strategize based on what our customers prefer when using out platform.

  • Hi Ashleigh. I had a great call with the Pendo support team, and they steered me towards the Discover (now called Listen) feature of the platform. You can create Ideas, and then combine up to three of those Ideas into an Idea Test. It allows users to rate the ideas and comment on their rating. You can customize it like a Guide, and it was a really great tool. 

  • Hi Beth, that's a great feature to know about, thank you! We do not have that in our plan but definitely something for me to discuss with my team.