What will happen if two features capture the same element?

Let's assume that I have two buttons on my interface: Allow and Dismiss. I need to creature two features to track them individually but I also need to create an additional feature to track if either one of them was clicked. So in the end I would have the following features:

- Allowed: If the Allow button was clicked
- Dismissed: If the Dismiss button was clicked
- Action taken: If either button was clicked

Assuming that I had it set up like this, what would happen to a path that contained a click in a button? Would it fork to two identical paths with one containing Allowed/Dismissed and the other Action Taken?



  • You can merge two feature rules together to capture analytics for both!

  • Hmm, but after creating the features? Or while creating a feature? Because if it is the second option, it is what I was describing in my scenario

  • Both! You can merge feature rules together during the tagging process or you can go to the feature details page and add the feature rule to the existing rule. 

  • Ok, but assuming that I have the scenario I have described above, what would be the effect a path or a funnel?