Finding someone to develop Pendo guides

I'm a consultant working for a customer who needs a bunch of Pendo guides created.  How can I find someone who knows how to do this?



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    diane Gordon You can take up some of these offers, or you could reach out to our Professional Services team to hire our team of experts who can build guides on behalf of customers. Contact them at

  • Hi Diane!

    I think you've come to a great spot to find someone who can create those in-app guides. Pendo offers quite a few certifications, so if you find people within this forum who are willing to help out, I'd recommend leveraging those who have a Pendo cert. and can show you examples of how they're leveraging in-app guides within their org. I also wonder if Pendo themselves offer some type of service where your client could pay them to help create these. There's a lot of nuance to take into consideration when you're designing and deploying these so it's also going to be important for whoever is doing this to understand how the guides will interact with your clients product. 

    Hope this is helpful!

  • Hey there Diane!

    There's a Pendo community on Slack called Pendo Connect. In it you'll find a #jobs channel which might be a good place to reach out and find some people who might be interested. 

    I'm also in the Pendo Connect Slack community and would be happy to chat with you more about this-- feel free to shoot me a DM.

  • Hi diane Gordon,

    If you want I can help you out with this as a certified pendo admin, I am reachable here on linkedIn.