Inherit two fonts for guides

Hello! Is it possible to inherit two different fonts from my product to use for guides? The title and body fonts are different in the product I am building and I am trying to match that style.




  • I think you can since title and subtitle and paragraphs each can have their font set within the theme, plus you can also get into the global CSS to make double sure!

  • Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your response! I'm pretty new to Pendo but that is not how the guide I have set up is working. If you have an example I'd love to see it. Title, subtitle and paragraph are all inheriting only the body font from my product. I may need to contact support to enable editing of the global CSS as I do not see that option on my account.

    I also don't see a way to add a custom font to my list in Pendo, like how it's detailed here:
    but I am not making a mobile app which could be the problem there.

  • You should be able to manually type in a font if it's not included in the list. I hope that fixes it across the different text types for you!

  • Oh that worked! I guess it was not as obvious to me that the font was being found. Thanks for your help Liz!