Minimize Guide Steps?

I have a walk through that's several steps long, but might take an end user some time to complete the actions from the guide. When the users are completing the tasks, I'd like to give a user the ability to minimize the guide step so it's out of their way.

The key here is that we don't want a user to dismiss the guide, but just to take up less space on the screen while still giving them an option to resume the walk-through when they're ready.

Is this possible?



  • Hey Doug, 

    You can mimic this by creating a button that references another guide that is less obtrusive. 

    For example, when you click minimize, it takes you to another step that has a guide that is anchored to the bottom right of your screen and it just says "Return to Walkthrough" and it takes you back to the step you left off on. 

    Here's a quick video explainer and visual:



  • This is a pretty good idea, might have to give it a shot!

  • Thanks, this is good!!