Eric Miller, Product Operations Manager

👋🏽 I'm Eric and I have been using Pendo for about three years. My company and Pendo have grown up together, starting with one single app 5 years ago and now with 6 subscriptions including one multi-app sub. I've enjoyed watching Pendo mature as a product and company.

In my current role I work with our newly formed Product Operations team (inspired by Pendomonium 2019) supporting the roll-out and governance of Pendo across our various brands ensuring that Pendo is instrumented in such a way that we can reap the most benefit. We don't have a dedicated Guide team, so I have helped to establish workflows and training to ensure product teams can create Guides independently and yet adhere to company standards and best practices.

Pendo is a powerful tool to enable product-led decision making and communication. Like any tool it can slip under the radar if users don't make a habit of using it. They need to have a positive experience and quickly find benefit for themselves. So that necessitates me filling the additional role of "Pendo Cheerleader" to encourage usage and sharing of ideas to build a grassroots-driven critical mass of users.

Hope to see you at a future Pendomonium!



  • Welcome Eric and thank you for being a Pendo Cheerleader for us at your company! Please let us know or the community know if you have any questions or need inspiration for further adoption best practices.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next Pendomonium too!