When to retarget a user after guide snooze

What are the best practices around the timeframe in which the user should be retargeted through a guide snooze? I hear 7 days is a good time frame, but I want to know what others think. 



  • Hey Howard,

    As with most things, it depends on the use case :) a couple of things to consider to help you determine the right amount of time to snooze:

    1. How frequently do you expect visitors to log in to your platform per week/month?

    • If it is pretty frequent and predictable, then longer time frames (like 7 days) are a good idea since it's likely that they will see the guide again within a week's time (if that's your goal).
    • If it is less frequent, let's say 1-2 times a month and less predictable, then you can just set it to snooze for 1 day, and that way you're much more likely to get them to see the survey again in their next session.

    2. Why would users choose to snooze?

    • If you believe that users snooze a guide because they are in the middle of a workflow that requires their undivided attention, and maybe it takes several days to complete, then you can choose a longer time period. That way, you're not interrupting them multiple times during this period.
    • If you believe that they may just be in the middle of doing something quick and will have time to do it in their next session, then re-surfacing the guide after 1 day could work well.