From data to outcome: How Product Engagement Score can move the needle for your business


  • Geoff Lewis, VP, Data Analytics at Pendo
  • Olivia MacDougal, Product Manager at Pendo

Check out the presentation slides here!

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    Hey folks, in addition to the presentation slides, check out our video recording of the session and post your questions here on the thread:

  • What are some of the metrics to track in early stages when you have a couple of early adopter customers only and then how and what metrics to move to as you gain momentum and scale?

  • Hi Soumya Sharma! Thanks for the question. There's tons of great metrics to track in the early stages and I often find that those actually carry on into the future once you have gained that momentum and scale. Another way to put it, the metrics often remain, but the targets/goals for those metrics change.

    Some of my favorites are time to first use for a new feature, adoption of a feature measured as the % of active visitors/accounts using that feature, stickiness of a feature, and NPS overall or sentiment of a specific feature/product area.