From Data Silos to Data Unity


  • Andrina Kelly, Director, Product Strategy - Data at JAMF

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  • Hi! Thanks for the presentation. Few questions..

    What tool and approach do you use for health score?

    How do you manage and join data across subscriptions? Do you unify organization/customer data across product platforms?

    Where / how can we learn more about the content team’s efforts?

  • Hey Julia!

    Our Customer Engagement team leverage several different things to build our customer health score - it evolves and changes as our product offerings and services evolve. They are leveraging gainsight as a central place to build it.

    Across subscriptions it’s a matter of defining our constants. For us it comes back to the customer accounts as that constant. When we centralized our Pendo data into Snowflake we combined aggregations from different subscriptions into a single table, adding a column for which subscription the data came from.

    Our in-app content manager hangs out in the Pendo Community - look out for Brandon Noskoviak - he can speak more about how we do in-app content.