How to survey users repeatedly like you can in the NPS survey but without asking NPS?

The NPS Survey allows you to specify how often you want to survey users (i.e. every 90 days). This is ideally what I would like to do but using a satisfaction rating question instead of NPS. Is it possible to make use of this functionality that you get in the NPS Survey but using a different question? As it seems using Polls won't allow us to ask the poll again to users over time and track other important metrics. Thanks!



  • Hi Becky, 

    We've just released the ability to repeat guide display as an option within guide activation settings!

    You'll now see the ability to Repeat a guide every "x" numbe of days as well as set a particular expiration based on dismissal or letting the guide repeat indefinitely. 

  • Hi Charles,
    Thanks for letting us know. I just took a look and I don't think it really helps with our use case. 
    We want to be able to allow users to see the same guide and respond to it every 3 months (for example). We currently ask a satisfaction rating question but we have to duplicate the guide and set it up multiple times so we are able to get users who already responded previously can answer it again in the future. We would like to be able to allow users to respond to the rating scale and then restrict it so that same user would see the same guide, and be able to answer the satisfaction rating question again after a certain time period.