Individual Guide Throttling

I've been unable to locate a way to individually set throttling guides without effecting the rest of the guides that are live.  Is there a way to do that or if not a way to submit a suggestion to allow this feature?



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    Thanks Liz! Agree the "close" button seems like a good solution here. 

    Matthew Skarsten the best place for questions like this is in the Guides space

    This section of the forum is for monthly product updates from Pendo. Just FYI for the future. You'll get more help there! 

    Thanks! - Marcus 

  • Can you be more specific with what you'd like to see when you use throttling in Pendo?

  • I like how the current time set can effect/limit all of the current guides (once per day) which works well in most cases.  I'm looking for a way to extend a single Pendo guide to surface on a less frequent basis to our users, once per every couple of days.  

    I'm relatively new to Pendo so I appreciate all the insight!

  • So guide throttling is mostly for when and how frequently to first display guides with automatic activation -- beyond that, if you want a single guide to come back on a frequency, I would either give it a "close" button that actually snoozes the guide for the number of hours/days you want, or tweak the segment and activation to be target activation "every time", and the segment rules would be something like "the visitor has not seen this guide in the last xyz days" or similar.

  • Thanks Liz, that makes a lot of sense!  Seems like I was looking in the wrong place!