See who will be getting NPS in the next X days?

Our Customer Success team asked if there was any way for them to be able to identify if specific visitors are slated to get the NPS prompt over the next 30 days. They want to monitor and proactively reach out and make sure everything is good and healthy to try and ensure a positive NPS response. I know some people could see this as introducing bias into NPS and likely why Pendo doesn't allow you to see this, regardless I am asking the question to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.



  • Hi Matt Heggelund! Assuming you are using even distribution in your NPS we do not currently provide a way to surface who will be eligible for the NPS in the next x number of days. This sounds like a great feature request though - if you haven't already please submit it as a request via the Pendo resource center so that our product team can take it into consideration. 

  • Is it possible to tell exactly how many people's 14 day period has started at any given time?  I know at certain points the in app unique views plus the email unique views would give me a good sense but I'd like to know how many additional participants there are who are currently within their 14-day window but have not accessed the app.  Is it possible to see that?