Importing Metadata for an Account

We have information for our accounts stored in several different locations so integration would be difficult. This data also seldom changes. Is there a process for a one-time load of Account metadata to custom fields? Any other suggestions for getting this data in place?



  • Hi Bryan, 

    Quick Snippet from our Metadata Knowledge Base Article:

    When would I want to use a custom field?

    If you want to add metadata from your product, passing it through the agent is best. When looking to add metadata from Salesforce, leveraging our Salesforce Integration will be the best. If the data you are looking to add doesn’t fall into either of these categories, custom fields will fill this void. You can add data manually to each visitor, or you can leverage our API to add larger amounts to custom fields. Custom fields can be added from the Data Mappings page.

    Details regarding the API endpoint found here