Why should we use a NPS? What questions should we ask?

Our team would like to know the benefits of using an NPS. Their concern is that our customers may get tired of seeing the surveys? What questions should we ask?



  • I would say this article helps https://help.pendo.io/resources/support-library/guides/net-promoter-scores-nps-in-pendo.html

    Benefits to *using Pendo* for NPS are that it's in-the-moment, you can make multiple NPS surveys to target specific markets/users/accounts if needed (for example, US-only vs international clients), you can set it to continuously collect data instead of a huge push of the survey on a specific date, and you can control the frequency at which the question is asked. Pendo then also will let you look at NPS score relative to time on site, MRR/ARR if needed, user role, where the users go in the product, etc. -- possibilities are pretty limitless. You can also then use Pendo guides to target users who give specific scores -- maybe you want to display a guide to your 9's and 10's asking for their review on G2, or send a weekly report to Operations or Customer Success of all accounts who rated the product 6 or lower in the last week so they can be attentive and follow up with their feedback.

    We have ours set to display every 180 days for each user, so they see it max twice per year.

    NPS will only have two questions for you: what they would rate as how likely the user would recommend the product to a friend or colleague, and an optional comment box for a text feedback response.

  • I also recommend checking out this white paper for an overall review of NPS and its benefits:  https://www.pendo.io/resources/making-sense-of-nps/