Page Location - Resource Center

Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me best practices. I have thirty guides that are already added to the Resource Center, and I want users to review any of the guides listed.

Under activation it states that the guides are listed in the resource center.  I’m in the right direction so far.

For each guide, should I choose page location as sitewide for my Resource Center?  I do not want the resource center guides to automatically appear for users on the platform. I want users to access guides as they need it.



  • Hey Dorothy Heilbrunn - great question!  There are two ways I would track the guides that I have built in my Resource Center (RC).

    1. Within the Guides List module on my RC, you can get a list of the guides associated with the module.  So if you're just looking for a list, this is an easy way to get it.
    2. Within the list of Guides, you can filter based on Activation Method to "Resource Center" (this is in the list of filters, default is "All Activations").  This will filter all available Guides to only those who appear in some RC module, but doesn't tell you which module.

    As far as additional activations, each guide can be activated in a number of methods.  So you may see a guide that is listed as "Automatically, Resource Center, Badge", which would indicate all three activation methods are valid.  If you only want your Guides to activate via the RC, then you can toggle Automatic and Badge activations off within the configuration of the guide.

    One thing to note on whether "sitewide" needs to be set - the RC will only show guides within a module if the guide is eligible.  This means that if the Visitor is not part of the Segment for that guide or is not on the Page associated with the guide, then the guide will not appear in the list.  If you want all guides in a Guides List module to appear throughout the app for all visitors, then the Page selection and Segmentation needs to reflect this.  One trick I've used for this is to have teaser guides dedicated to the RC that provide a message like "Feature X is a great way to do ...  Want to learn more?" that then navigates the user to a specific location and launches a more targeted guide.  This allows you to build targeted guides once and feed into them from multiple entry points.