Can you identify which pages a button was clicked from?

If you have tagged a feature (clicked a button) that is on multiple pages, can you see which pages the users clicked the button from? For example you can see the top visitors that clicked the button, but can you see the top pages it was clicked from?




  • Hey Noelle, 

    A permanent way to see this data displayed with granularity down to the exact page, would to be to tag the particular button specific to each of the multiple pages, rather than sitewide.

    Short of that, one workaround is to create a  2 step path where you're doing "leading to" that feature (button) and you limit the path to only show pages.  More information on creating paths here.



  • Hi Charles, 

    Unfortunately there are 1,000 of pages that I would need to tag the button on in order to complete this. The "leading to" also would not work because I would need to tag the individual pages as well. Is this something that could be solved if we had a data warehouse with the pendo API so that we could see the individual URLs where that the button was clicked on?