Add Comment when requesting an Additional Approval

When a lender needs to go in and add an approver to the draw before it is fully approved, there has been multiple requests for a comment box to pop up before sending the email notification. 


This will allow the people on the ground floor to give a quick synopsis to the higher up who is giving an additional approval, should their workflow deem that necessary. Should not be a required field for them to fill out, but the option has been requested



  • Hi Jared Morse! Can you share a little more about this request? While this isn't out-of-the-box functionality, it sounds like something our Professional Services team might be able to help provide a shortcut to build.

  • Hi Jared, also you can create a text comment box for this comment and "Hide" it, then add event listener to the add approver so that when they click it it shows the comment box. 

    1. Create a comment box and delete the header text (you can't delete the whole header, just leave text blank)

    2. Go to the styling, change the Helper Text to --> Please explain...

    3. Add a custom code block to the guide step and paste the following javascript code:

    var commentBox= pendo.dom('._pendo-open-text-poll-input[placeholder="Please explain..."');  //identify the comment box with the placeholder text

    if(!pendo.designerEnabled) {
      commentBox[0] = "none";
    }                    //hide the comment box when not in pendo designer

      .addEventListener('click', function(e){            //add listener to the identified element, and unhide the comment box when that element is clicked
       commentBox[0] = "";

    This will hide the comment box and then it will make it appear when a user clicks the targeted element You will need to change what I bolded and identify whatever element id you want to have the comment box appear when clicked.