Unique Guides per Tenant in a Multi-tenant Platform

Hello. I tried looking for this info but with no success. So our multi-tenant platform will have different groups of users. So depending on which group you belong to, the guides/resources will be different. How do I go about this? It seems like you specify the URL where you push the Resource Center. In our platform's case, the URL is pretty much the same except for some entries in the URL. Here's a dummy example

https://platform.com/tenants/a3f4-7e2e6/project/7e712228-a6fd-446f-bfd5-7b5c15/overview -> tenant A

https://platform.com/tenants/a3f4-7e2e6/project/fd357ca4-c7ae-4c08-b5aa-1c51e/overview -> tenant B

 and then as users navigate through the platform the end of the url changes to /detail or /summary etc. So I need to push a resource center for users of Tenant A and a different resource center for Tenant B. How do I go about this?

Sorry , if this has already been asked before. 

I appreciate your attention and kind response.



  • Hi! We have Tenant ID as our Pendo Account ID, so we would basically create segments based on the account id and then target each guide to a different segment. But you can have Tenant ID / "Tenant A" as an agent field sent from your snippet and then a group of guides that is segmented to only users where tenantID="Tenant A" etc. You have the same resource center but the guides and modules are segmented. 

    When installing your snippet you have your team identify which data is sent to which agent fields, so maybe account name or account id would be the best one to have the tenant info sent. If you are unable to get this "Tenant A" data from your pendo snippet / agent you can create a custom field for the users or the accounts and fill it in or use Postman to automatically update it via APIs. Then use that custom field in segmenting.