Hostname list for visitors in restricted network environments

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If your visitors operate in a restricted network environment where access is limited to pre-approved domains through a firewall, VPN, or web filter, they might need to request their network administrators to allow traffic explicitly to Pendo servers.

Wildcard option

Your visitors can include multiple hostnames under a single wildcard entry using asterisks (*). This means that they don't have to list each subdomain separately, and it automatically includes any new hosts we add to these domains in the future. This simplifies the allowlist management and ensures continued access to evolving subdomains.

For easy setup, we recommend your visitors add the following wildcard entries to their allowlist:

  • *
  • *

If these domains are added to their allowlist for outbound traffic (TCP 443), no further changes are needed. Otherwise, see the Full list of hosts.

Full list of hosts

For outbound traffic (TCP 443), ensure visitors add the following domains to their allowlist:


For the last domain above, they must replace YOUR_SUB_ID with your unique subscription ID. You can find your subscription ID in the URL when you're signed into Pendo (for example, This applies to all Pendo instances.

If you need help finding your subscription ID or if you require whitelisting by IP address instead of using the fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) mentioned above, contact Pendo Support.

If you choose not to use wildcards, some of these hosts might require modification if the data center for your subscription is outside of the United States.

Location-based changes

If your Pendo subscription is managed through our EU, US1, or Japan data centers, it's important that your visitors update certain hostnames accordingly. To determine your subscription's data center, examine the URL used to access Pendo and check for the presence of eu, us1, or jpn. If you're uncertain about whether this applies to your subscription, contact your Pendo account representative.

If you opt to use wildcards, these changes aren't necessary.

Original hostname EU hostname US1 hostname  JPN hostname

CNAME as an alternative

Pendo also offers support for CNAME configuration, allowing you to set up a domain already trusted by your organization as an alias for Pendo domains. To learn more about this configuration, see CNAME for Pendo.

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