Get Help with Pendo from Technical Support

Use the Technical Support section of the Pendo Resource Center to create a new request or view all of your existing requests, regardless of the ticket status.

Note: Access to Technical Support requires a paid subscription to Pendo. Pendo Free subscriptions are unable to create tickets and are encouraged to engage with us and other Pendo users through our Community instead. 

Open Technical Support from the Resource Center

To contact Technical Support or review your existing tickets:

  1. Log in to Pendo and select the Pendo badge in the bottom-right corner of your screen. This opens the Pendo Resource Center.
  2. In the Pendo Resource Center, select Technical Support.
  3. Choose from the following options:
      • Submit New Ticket. Select this option if you want to contact Technical Support with a new question or about a new issue you're experiencing.
      • See All Tickets. Select this option if you want to see all open and closed tickets you've submitted in the past. 


Submit a new ticket

Select Create New Ticket to open the Submit a Request form. Here, you can provide the details of your issue or question, and add attachments to help our team better understand the context.




View existing open and closed tickets

Select View All Tickets to view requests that you've already submitted to Technical Support, including both open and closed tickets.

From this section, you can search your requests by entering a keyword or filtering it by status.


Submit an urgent or high-priority issue

For issues that need addressed as soon as possible, use our priority levels to tell our support team that the issue is urgent or high-priority, why it's urgent or high-priority, and what it's impacting.  

For urgent issues, customers should dedicate resources to work with Pendo Support on an ongoing basis. For high-priority issues, customers might need to dedicate resources to work with Pendo Support on an ongoing basis.

Without an available customer contact, or if we can provide a temporary solution, the priority of the case will be re-evaluated.

Priority Levels

Classification Description

An issue that renders any Pendo product completely non-functional for all users of your application, with no reasonable workaround.


An issue that significantly impairs substantial features of a Pendo product for a high number of users, with no reasonable workaround.


An issue that impairs a feature of a Pendo product for one or some users. There might be a reasonable workaround available, but it's not scalable.


An issue or question that involves:

  • A routine technical issue;
  • A request for information about application capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration;
  • A bug affecting a small number of users.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a paying customer and can't sign in to Pendo. How do I get help?

Customers who are unable to sign in to Pendo can use our request form to open up a ticket for us to review.