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When an Admin disables an extension app, Pendo stops sending and receiving data from that particular app. Guides, as well as Resource Centers, also stop functioning, and visitors can no longer build guides on your app after you've disabled it. An Admin can reenable an extension app to continue using Guides and Analytics at any time.

Step 1. Disable the app

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings.

  2. Select Applications, then select the extension app you want to disable.

  3. On the top-right of the page, select Disable.


  4. Read the confirmation message, then select Yes, Disable to disable the app.


If you try to make a guide public when the app is disabled, the guide won't appear to visitors until the app is re-enabled.

Step 2. Test to confirm the app is disabled

Once you disable an extension app, we recommend testing to confirm that Pendo is no longer collecting data on that website.

  1. Right-click the Pendo Launcher in your Chrome browser, then select Show Debug Info.


  2. Once the Pendo Launcher opens, select Show Configuration Info, then Re-fetch Extension Settings. Pendo refreshes these settings automatically every two hours, but manually refreshing the extension settings ensures that you're seeing the latest updates.
  3. Refresh the page in your browser, then reopen the Pendo Launcher by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Show Debug Info.
  4. Select Extension Config to open the dropdown that contains all of your extension apps.


  5. Find the display name of the app you disabled, and then locate the isDisabled field. If the app is disabled, the value reads as true. This means Pendo doesn't collect data on that website.


  6. As a final confirmation, you can navigate to the website associated with the extension app, then confirm that the Pendo Launcher icon in your browser displays as gray. When it's enabled, the icon displays as pink.

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