Use Pendo with hybrid apps

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Hybrid apps may contain both mobile and web components (WebViews) to load webpages inside of an app.

Pendo supports the following types of hybrid apps:

  • Single application using web technologies with a web app key.
  • Mobile application including webview components, using both a mobile app key and web app key.
  • Multi-mobile-framework application using a mobile app key.

Important: Despite the subscription being unified over the web and mobile applications, it's important to ensure Visitor IDs, Account IDs, and metadata keys and values are the same across installations to avoid incoherent user journeys.

Single application using web technologies

This type of hybrid app uses a web app key. Examples of these apps include Cordova and Ionic. For information on installing the Cordova application, see Install Pendo in Cordova applications.

Mobile application including webview components

This type of hybrid app uses both a mobile app key and web app key. Pendo integrates the mobile SDK to collect analytics and show guides for the native side, and also integrates the web install script to do the same for the mobile-web side.

You can view both streams of analytics on your Pendo subscription, but they're split between the two different API keys, and user journeys are treated as sequential but separate sessions.

To implement this type of hybrid app:

Multi-mobile-framework application

This type of hybrid app uses a mobile app key only. An example of this type is a native application with Flutter components. For more information, see Pendo's Github site.

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