Install on login page

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This article is for customers who would like to add the Pendo snippet to their login page, for the purpose of serving guides there.

Your Installation Snippet

Your Pendo installation snippet can be found on the Install Settings page (only accessible by admins), and can be inserted into your common HTML template as is for most apps.

Login page installation

To install Pendo on your login page, you will include the same snippet with all the metadata you currently pass on other pages on the login page. The only difference is that you will receive anonymous visitor data on the login page due to the lack of metadata being passed to Pendo, which you can read more about in this article.

You will need to follow the steps in the above article to make sure that the "Anonymous Visitor Data" is being captured by checking that box in your Site Settings. No changes are required to your current snippet (although, if you’d like, you could comment all of those metadata fields out, and would have the same effect).

You can read more about the general snippet installation process here — this would be the same process to follow for the login page, but you would just know to only expect anonymous visitor data as your visitors are not logged in yet.

Target guides to login page

Once the snippet is installed correctly on the login page, you would be able to tag that page as expected and target guides to that specific page location.