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Use a combination of guide ordering and throttling to orchestrate the timing of your guides in an optimal way. Decide which guides need to be shown first, how much time should pass before showing the next guide, and which guides need to be shown immediately, regardless of throttling rules.

The Guide Ordering tab is used to set the display order for all of your automatically activated guides and limit how frequently users see automatic guides. Ordering shows a list of all automatic guides in the subscription in any status, and you are able to change the order they are shown to a visitor. Use the guide category column to prioritize which category of guides users should see first.

Guide throttling sets a limit on the number of guides and the time delay between automatic guides protecting users from a constant stream of new automatic guides popping up.

These controls allow you to organize and prioritize all the guides in your portfolio and manage your end user's guided experience in your app. Prioritize alert messages, set the display order of your onboarding nurture campaign, or ship product announcements and follow-up research guides in the right order.


  • Guide Publisher or Admin user permissions to edit
  • Any user can view
  • Automatically activated guides
  • Agent version 2.8.0 or greater
  • Mobile SDK version 2 or greater

Display order

Display order shows a list of automatically activated guides in the selected app in the order they will display to users:

  • Guides can be grouped into categories to order and prioritize which guides are shown first.
  • Guides with Disabled status are not shown in the list.
  • Guides set to ignore throttling settings are ranked first in the list in the order they will display.
  • Guides that do not ignore throttling settings are shown in number order in the order they will display after guides that ignore throttling settings.

Select the application to populate the Display Order list and show the number of automatic guides. Display order is set per application.



Use search to find guides in the list. Search highlights the guides that match the search query but does not filter the list, allowing you to position the guide with all guides for context.

Set display order

Guides with the activation method set to automatic are added to the bottom of the Display Order list automatically when they are created. Guides that ignore throttling settings are prioritized first and appear in list order. Guides that are limited by throttling are listed after and appear in order according to the time interval set in throttling settings.

Drag and drop or use the arrows on the right side of the table row to move the guide up or down the display order. Changes are applied automatically and become visible to visitors as soon as they are eligible to see the guide according to guide and throttling settings.




Throttling controls how frequently a visitor is shown an automatic guide. If throttling is off or guides ignore throttling settings, guides are shown as soon as they are eligible in list order.


Throttling and ordering in mobile guides 

Pendo's SDKs support throttling and ordering.
Ordering and throttling are configured in the same way they are configured for web apps.

Mobile ordering:

  • If there are two guides competing on the same screen or when the app launches, the one with the highest priority will be displayed.
  • Once users close this guide, they will not see the next guide in priority. Due to the small screen size, Pendo does not display in-app messages one after the other.
  • The next guide in priority will be displayed when users enter the page/launch the app again.

Mobile throttling:

  • In Mobile, ‘Override throttling’ for a single guide is still not supported. All guides adhere to the throttling rules.


See Guide Ordering and Throttling Best Practices for more information.


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