How is Site & Page Interaction Calculated?

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Note: Pendo analytics data gets pulled during the first fifteen minutes at the top of each hour. So at most you should have to wait 75 minutes to see analytics data in the Pendo UI.


Page View Calculation

page view is calculated when a page’s URL is loaded. Page time on site calculations are in 1 minute buckets. So if you are logged in to your app as a user (Pendo Visitor) when you load a page’s URL, 1 minute time on site is calculated. Every time you click on that page, the time on site calculation keeps running and totaling the successive minutes you’ve spent on that page.

As long as you are active (clicking on that page’s URL) 1x a minute, the calculation will keep running and summing up your time on site (or app).

Multiple Tabs Calculation

  • If, at that same time, you are logged in as that same user and open up the same page’s URL in another tab in the same browser window (or even another browser window-but still logged-in as that same visitor); another 1 minute bucket will be added to that total time on site calculation.

  • If you click on each page back and forth between each tab with that same URL 1x a minute, Pendo will tally both pages with active time on site.

  • If you open up that second tab with the same URL and stop clicking on the first tab after 1 minute, then the first page’s URL will stop being tracked and Pendo will calculate your time on site from only the second tab where you are actively clicking 1x a minute.

  • In another scenario, if you open up two tabs with the same URL, then don’t click on each tab again in the next 30 minutes, and then close each tab; Pendo will calculate 2 minutes total time on site (1 minute assigned for opening up each tab). Since you didn’t click on that same URL between each page again, Pendo won’t track any more time on site.

  • If you clicked on 1 of the 2 pages open and then closed both of them after 30 minutes, a total of 3 minutes for time on site would be calculated for that page’s URL.

 Page Events Aggregation Source Calculations

  • numEvents is calculated by page loads, it does not include clicks on the page

  • As described above, the field numMinutes includes clicks in its calculation

  • If you are using the pageEvent source and you see a visitor with numEvents as 0 for yesterday, this means the visitor loaded the page some day yesterday, and the visitor clicked on the page at least once yesterday.