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You can use goals to set and measure targets over a period of time for various segments of users across selected Pages, Features, and Track Events. For example, Pendo goals can help you track toward a 10% increase in new Feature usage.

Understand goal types

There are two types of goals in Pendo, each with a specific method for calculating the initial goal target value:

  • Ongoing goals are tracked on a continuing basis using a baseline. The initial goal target is calculated by looking at the last 90 days of data (or the selected date range) and multiplying by 1.1 to increase the value by 10%. Progress is viewed in an ongoing graph that includes a baseline with a synopsis of progress, in which you can hover over the data points to view more information. Default baselines are daily (30 days of data), weekly (90 days of data), and monthly (365 days of data).
  • Time-bound goals have a specific start date and deadline. The initial goal target is calculated by finding a starting value based on usage data thus far in the goal period, multiplying the starting value by the number of months in the goal period (more specifically, the total number of days divided by 30), and multiplying by 1.1 to increase the value by 10%. Progress is visualized with an estimated percentage to goal and number of days left until the deadline.

Create a goal

Only those who create goals can view them in the details pages for Pages, Features, and Track Events. 

  1. To create a goal, navigate to Product > Pages, Features, or Track Events, then select the specific Page, Feature, or Track Event you’re interested in setting a goal for.


  2. Next, select Create Goal in the top-right corner of the page, then choose the type of goal you want to add: ongoing or time-bound. Measurement options for both goal types are Page views, Feature clicks, Track Events (depending on the event type), visitors, and accounts.
  3. For ongoing goals, set your date range, frequency, measurement, goal quantity, and segment. For time-bound goals, set your goal quantity, measurement, segment, and goal period. The default selections reflect the selections in the area chart of the Page, Feature, or Track Event details page.
  4. Select Save. This populates the goal progress below the Page, Feature, or Track Event details.


  5. If you'd like to track the goal on an existing dashboard, select Add to Dashboard in the top-right corner of the goal section, then choose a dashboard from the dropdown list. Select View now › in the success message that displays in the top-right corner of the page to view the goal widget on your dashboard.


    The visualization to the right of the chart indicates progress toward your goal. It displays red if you're below 75% of your target, yellow if you're between 75% and 99%, and green when you've reached 100%.

If you need to edit or delete your goal, select the ellipsis in the top-right corner of the widget on the details page, then select Edit Goal or Delete Goal depending on your needs.


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