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You can use goals to set and measure targets over a period of time for various segments of users across selected pages or features. For example, Pendo Goals can help you track towards a 10% increase in new feature usage or 20% decrease in traffic to a page that will be deprecated.

Note: Pendo Goals will only be visible in pages or features details page to the Goal creator.

Goal Types

There are two types of Goals you can create in Pendo:


  • Ongoing - These goals are tracked on a continuing basis using a baseline. Progress will be visualized in an ongoing graph including a baseline with a synopsis of progress.
Note: By default, Pendo sets a baseline for the following: daily (30 days), weekly (90 days), & monthly (year of data) 
  • Timebound - These goals are cumulative from the start date and have a specific deadline. Progress will be visualized with an estimated percentage to goal and number of days left until the deadline.

Create Goals

Navigate to Pages or Features and then select a page or feature you’re interested in setting a goal for.


Next, locate the “Add a Goal” option in the graph on the right-hand side.


Choose the type of goal you would like to add:



  1. Adjust your desired date range
  2. Select a target segment
  3. Enter goal target with frequency and type of measurement
    • Frequency - Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • Measurement - Page Views (or Feature Clicks if you're adding a Goal to a Feature), Visitors, or Accounts
  4. Save when you're ready


  1. Select your target segment
  2. Enter goal target with type of measurement
    • Measurement - Page Views (or Feature Clicks if you're adding a Goal to a Feature), Visitors, or Accounts
  3. Choose your Goal deadline or custom date range
  4. Save

Dashboard Widget

Once a goal is saved, you will have the ability to add it to your dashboard for easy tracking. Click on "+ Add to Dashboard:"

If you have multiple dashboards, choose which dashboard you want to save your Goal:
Note: Dashboards are only visible to you until you provide someone with a "share" link.
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