Merging new features with existing features

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Pendo allows the option to merge new features with already existing ones within the Feature Designer.

How To

From the main Features page, first navigate to the designer by clicking on "Manage Features In-App." Within the designer, make sure to load the page of the feature you are hoping to merge. Click the bright pink button in the bottom-left corner named "Tag a Feature."

Here you can choose to "Create a New Feature" or "Merge With Existing."


After selecting "Merge With Existing," you will see the option to "Select a Feature" from the dropdown. Once you have chosen the existing feature to merge with, you can update the Page Location for the merged features, and also verify the Element Match for the new feature. For more information about tagging features, click here.


Navigating back to the main Features page in the Pendo application, you will see that merged feature in processing — this can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how much data is in your subscription.

Once the feature has processed, you can click on the name to see the feature details page. Here you can see the additional new feature rule that was added and the existing feature rule that was merged with.


Note: Instead of waiting for the feature to process, you could edit the columns of the main Features page to include "Rules." Including this column will allow you to easily see all feature rules that currently exist for all your tagged features, without having to click into each individually.


Merge Shortcut

If you already know the Element Match selector for your new rule and would like to merge it with an existing feature, you do not have to go through the Feature designer process mentioned above. Navigate to the feature details page, and simply click "Add a Rule" — here you can add as many additional rules to the existing feature that you would like.

The feature will still need to process as mentioned above, but this shortcut will allow you to more efficiently add additional feature rules (as long as you know your selector and do not need the point-and-click functionality of the feature tagger).