Clari Recipe: Using Pendo NPS data for Renewal Management

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NPS is a great way to measure how happy a customer is with your product. This customer satisfaction (or lack thereof) is a key datapoint when managing your renewal opportunities if you have a recurring revenue business. Pendo and Clari have partnered to help our joint customers use NPS data to streamline the renewal management process and ensure that you know which accounts need attention. The result: more predictable renewals, less surprises.


  • Pendo-Salesforce integration enabled
  • NPS data being synced to accounts in Salesforce
  • A Clari subscription for your Sales/Customer Success teams (whoever is managing renewal opportunities)


  • Improve efficiency of 1-1 conversations by making key information more accessible
  • Reduce churn with more proactive account management
  • Identify more expansion opportunities by focusing on satisfied customers with upcoming renewals

How to Make It

Step 1. If you don’t already have access to Pendo’s Salesforce integration, contact your sales rep or CSM. For more information on the Salesforce integration, see Salesforce integration with Pendo.

Step 2. Once you have the integration set up, create an account report that will push key usage statics into Salesforce. Example of data that helps deals confidence are days active, usage of key features, number of users in the product. 

Step 3. After enabling the sync, confirm that you are seeing relevant product data on your accounts in Salesforce.

Step 4. Once the data is in Salesforce, contact your Clari CSM about pulling the those  fields into Clari. Be prepared to provide the field names that you added to Salesforce to store these key values.


Step 5. Set up views and dashboards in Clari that leverage the product usage data to help you build confidence in your deals. Here is a screenshot of an example:



Display the NPS score in the Opportunities module alongside other key renewal information. To triangulate on which renewals are most likely to close and which ones may be at risk, you can use a combination of the NPS score from Pendo and the CRM score from Clari (Clari’s AI-based score that weighs many different factors to determine how likely a deal is to close).


Beyond the individual deal level, Clari can also provide an overall picture of how your renewal opportunities break down by customer satisfaction. The bucket of low-satisfaction deals should get extra attention to get things back on track, and high-satisfaction customers are potential candidates for upsell/expansion.


You can create saved views of low and high satisfaction renewal deals to make it easy for all members of your team to keep tabs on those key segments of customers.


Views and charts can be added to a Renewal Management dashboard, making it easy to deploy a streamlined renewals management process to your entire team.



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