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Product Areas allow you to label and group similar areas of your product for filtering and color-coding in data visualizations throughout Pendo. This helps you quickly look at behavior analytics and guidance for the parts of the product you're responsible for.


You can organize many items in Pendo by Product Area, including Pages, Features, Track Events, guides, ideas, and feedback requests. Product Areas are applied subscription-wide. Any changes to the elements in the Product Area impact everyone in the subscription. Each Pendo user has their own filters to show or hide Product Areas throughout Pendo as needed.

Use cases

Product Areas enhance team collaboration by allowing team members to filter and focus on relevant data for different parts of an application (for example, Onboarding, Settings, In-app purchases, and so on). This method of organization can help improve data-driven decision-making, allowing teams to quickly navigate and analyze behavior analytics for their respective areas.

They also improve feature adoption analysis. By assigning Features to Product Areas, product managers can visualize and compare feature usage and adoption rates. This can help you identify which parts of your application need enhancement or additional user guidance.

Additionally, Product Areas can help streamline feedback management. Organizing feedback and requests into Product Areas allows teams to quickly filter and review user input related to specific parts of the product. This ensures that critical issues and popular feature requests are addressed promptly by those responsible for those areas of the product.

You can also leverage formulas in Data Explorer to gain insights into the adoption of specific Product Areas. For example, by adding formulas in a Data Explorer report, you can view the total number of visitors or accounts who have adopted a specific Product Area. This can provide a more detailed understanding of user engagement and help in prioritizing development efforts based on actual usage data. For more information about how to use formulas in Data Explorer, see Formula use cases.


  • Pendo admins can create, edit, and delete Product Areas.
  • All users, except read-only, can reassign Product Areas.
  • All users can filter by Product Areas.

Create Product Areas

You can create a Product Area on the Product Areas page or from the Product Areas dropdown on Pages, Features, Guides, or Track Events pages.

  1. Navigate to Product > Product Areas in Pendo Engage, then select + Create Product Area In the top-right corner of the page.
    Alternatively, you can select + Create Product Area at the bottom of the Product Areas dropdown menu if you're on a page that can filter by Product Area.
  2. Enter a Product Area Name, then select a color to represent this Product Area. If you don't select a color, the selection defaults to bright pink.
  3. Select Create Product Area to save the new Product Area. You can now assign various Pendo items to your new Product Area, including Pages, Features, Track Events, Guides, Ideas, and Feedback requests.

View and manage Product Areas

To view your Product Area analytics, navigate to Product > Product Areas in the left-side navigation menu.


This page displays analytics linked to each Product Area, such as the total number of Pages, Features, and Track Events associated with each Product Area.


Note: You can adjust and add columns for your desired view. 

If you want to view the analytics for a specific Product Area, select a Product Area name to view the Product Area Details page. This page provides a list of all the Pages, Features, and Track Events associated with that specific Product Area. 


If you have Feedback enabled for your subscription, there's a Requests tab next to the Overview tab. If you select Requests, you can see the list of requests associated with that Product Area.


To see the full product request, you can select View in Pendo Feedback to see more details, including voters, comments, and any associated labels. 

Edit and delete Product Areas

After you create a Product Area, you can go back and adjust the settings as needed. To edit, select the Product Area dropdown on any page where you can filter by Product Area and select the Edit icon. Make your desired changes, then select Save Product Area.

Tip: You can use Product Areas in conjunction with favorites. For example, you can see only the favorited items from only Product Area A by selecting the star icon in the top filters and selecting Product Area A from the Product Areas dropdown menu.

If you need to delete a Product Area, select Delete Product Area. This removes the Product Area assignment from all Pendo items associated with it.


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