Tracking Anonymous Visitors Across Subdomains

Using Anonymous Visitor IDs in Pendo allows you to track the activity of users on pages while keeping the identity of those visitors anonymous. However, if you are using anonymous visitor IDs and a user moves between subdomains you may want to tweak your snippet installation to ensure that the same anonymous visitor ID is used on both subdomains. 

For example, if an anonymous user first visits to read up on new news about your company and then visits to find a support article you may want to know that it was the same anonymous user on both sites. 

You can do this by implementing the cookieDomain setting in your installation snippet. To do so you would simply add cookieDomain: to tell Pendo to use the same cookie to track the anonymous visitor on all of the subdomains. You add the cookieDomain flag within the pendo.initialize() function in the snippet.