Shadow DOM support

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Shadow DOM is a web development technique designed to encapsulate web components from other code on the page. Pendo supports shadow DOM elements for Feature tagging and Page element positioning for guides.

For shadow DOM to work properly:

  • Your application must have shadow DOM elements in "open" mode.
  • Your app must be on agent version 2.38.0 or later.

After you confirm that you meet the minimum requirements, working with Shadow DOM elements in Pendo isn’t any different from working with standard DOM elements. You can still point and select in the designer to tag a Feature or to position a guide near an element on the page.

However, it's important to note the following:

  • To ensure accurate tagging, you must use a browser that supports shadow DOM elements when working with the Visual Design Studio.
  • Pendo doesn't currently work with shadow DOM elements in "closed" mode.
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