Data Deletion and Manipulation Services

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Warning: The services listed below aren't intended to remove Visitors or Accounts for regulatory (GDPR, CCPA, or similar) compliance or inadvertent exposure of PII. If you need data removed for regulatory compliance or PII reasons, contact our Support team.

If you find that some of the data you've passed to Pendo is incorrect, misformatted, or otherwise in need of deletion or manipulation that you can't do through the Pendo application, we have several paid options that can be assessed by our Professional Services team.

These are the most common data manipulation services that we provide. More technical solutions might be available if necessary. When you're ready to have your deletion or migration project evaluated, contact our Support team.


All of the options listed below require that you stop sending the incorrect data to Pendo via your Installation Snippet. If you need guidance on updating your install script ("snippet") to prepare for one of the options below, contact our Support team. 

Bulk delete Visitors or Accounts

The bulk deletion of Visitors or Accounts permanently deletes the Visitor or Account IDs, and all associated events and metadata. Once completed, it can't be undone.

If you're looking for other ways to prevent Visitor or Account data from being viewed within Pendo without deletion, consider using the Exclude and Include List to filter and hide data from the Pendo UI. When you're ready to request bulk data deletion, contact our Support team. 

Note: This service is intended for when you have more than 500 Visitor or Account IDs to delete. If you have fewer than 500 Visitors or Accounts to delete, you can contact our Support team to explore what other options might be available.

Merge Visitor or Account IDs

If you change the parameter mapped to Visitor or Account IDs in the Pendo install script "snippet", a new Visitor or Account is created using the new parameter the next time a user authenticates with Pendo. The new Visitor or Account history is separate from the old Visitor or Account.

It's difficult or impossible to track a single Visitor or Account over time when the ID parameter is changed and a new Visitor or Account is created.

If you've changed the IDs passed to Pendo, or you are considering it, let Pendo merge the event history of the old IDs into the new IDs. This process takes all of the events that were associated with the old IDs and maps those events to the updated IDs, allowing you to view the complete history of a Visitor or Account from a single ID. 

There must be a one-to-one mapping between the old IDs and the new IDs to successfully merge event history. When you're ready to request an ID merge, contact our Support team

Bulk delete metadata

Pendo can delete metadata collected from any source. Prior to requesting deletion, update your install script ("snippet") or integration to stop sending that parameter to Pendo. To bulk delete metadata, contact our Support team.

Note: Metadata is not stored in raw events. The most current value is displayed in the UI and used for Segments and filters. If you change the parameter, the new value eventually overwrites the previous value in the UI without deletion. If you just need to hide the metadata field from appearing in the Pendo UI you can remove the field in Data Mappings Settings. For more information, see Visitor and Account Metadata.

Bulk delete Event Property data

Event Property data passed to Pendo with a Track Event or Click Event can be deleted by request. Prior to deletion, update the Track Event or Click Event Property to stop sending that Event Property parameter. contact our Support team to request Event Property deletion.