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Track Events allows you to record any actions your users perform, along with any properties that describe the action. This will allow you to track user behavior in your mobile apps and use Pendo's analytics. Track events can also be used to trigger in-app guidance. 

Supported Frameworks 

You can use our Track Events solution for Flutter (SDK 2.8+), SwiftUI, React Native and hybrid apps. Visit our installation help page to get started. 

Note: We also have a codeless solution for selected Frameworks. Check this article to see if your app meets the technical criteria. 

Mobile Track Events Solution

Here are some examples and use cases for mobile track events.

Analytics use cases

  • Total and over-time app usage analytics (visitors, accounts, time in-app)
  • Specific analytics on important app events and exception scenarios (login, completed transactions)
  • Single user analytics
  • Behavioral analytics: Retention, paths, funnels, custom reports

Guide use cases

  • Onboarding Carousel (walkthrough) 
  • A single or multiple step onboarding flow (excludes tooltips)
  • Get user feedback via Polls
  • App Rating requests (iOS+Android)
  • Feature announcement 
  • ‘What’s new’ on the new version'
  • Please upgrade your app version' request
  • Sunset old app versions
Note: Tooltips are not supported with track events solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Which guide types can I use with track events?

Guide Type: All mobile guide types, except for tooltips, are supported. 

Guide Activation: You can show guides upon App Launch or when a Track Event is triggered. It's recommended to add track events to your app at places where you might want to trigger guides.

What should I report as events?

You can use 'track events' to report on any event happening in your app. A few examples:

  • Change of a user's status
  • Actions performed by your user such as important business transactions etc. 
  • Button clicks or page views that you want to collect analytics on.

How do I track my page views and button clicks? 

To get analytics on page views and button clicks, you will need to send a track event for each.


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