Pendo API (or not) for Advanced Segment/Guide requirements

Hello Awesome Community,

We are using Pendo free plan for a while and is proven to be a very useful tool for us.

One of the key challenges our CX team is currently facing is,

  • The launch of Pendo guides at scale & with speed


CX team creates Pendo guides tailor made to each of our customers, where the guides are launched in our angular web app based on few criteria (user of a given customer, data within a product area etc)

This is becoming a huge pain point to manually segment the guides for set of users.

Below are the must-haves we are looking for in Pendo:

  • Programmatically create copies of Pendo guides (with Segments mapping)
  • Programmatically create Segments along with list of eligible Visitors
  • Programmatically associate/map list of eligible Visitors to existing Segments

If we can achieve the above, we can activate users/visitors from within our web app and when they login, Guides are automatically launched based on the criteria.

Greatly appreicate your inputs and possibilitites to achieve this !




  • Can you define "tailor made" -- what level of customization are you going for? Your metadata will be your biggest asset here to help ensure your guides function as custom pieces and your segments could get you really far depending on what you're passing in already.

  • Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your response !

    By "tailor made", I mean, currently, our CX team creates Pendo Guides for each of our customers, where the Guide Steps are triggered based on the data in our web app for that customer, and some steps are triggered based on the HTML elements (which are common for all clients)

    And these Guides are to be launched to only select users of each customers. It could be also, another GFuide can be launched tootgher set of users of the same customer.

    Hence, I am looking for a way to automate this leveraging Pendo API or the likes, where Guide-Copy & Visitor-Mapping to Segments, can be done.


  • I wonder if you could make a guide that has custom code blocks on each step to tell the guide: if the on-screen element is present (or if the metadata shows abc), display this step otherwise SKIP to the next step. You can also still make things custom by including variables in your guide steps to show the user's name or account name etc. if you want, too. There's a lot in the github Pendo has of snippets to make guides do unique things based on what is present/visible/hidden on the screen or based on data you're passing :) I hope you find something much more sustainable whether it's API calls or something else!

  • While I agree with Liz in that the custom code blocks help us a lot to create 1 guide with 2-3 paths depending on the elements a customer has, I will say it creates more user error and issues such as - if the element hasn't loaded yet you have to make sure the code has a delay in checking for it, if the element tag is changed, if the code has an error - all these things make maintaining a custom code guide much more complicated. Right now we also have no way to automate creation of multiple similar guides for multiple customers - especially because when you clone a guide it clones un-translated and has to go back to our translation team or R&D to upload the files. 

    API Calls to clone a guide and API calls to PUBLISH / DISABLE a guide and API calls to set SEGMENT of a guide would be an awesome place to start! 

  • There has got to be a way:
    "API Calls to clone a guide and API calls to PUBLISH / DISABLE a guide and API calls to set SEGMENT of a guide would be an awesome place to start!" 


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