Advice please: Analysing tool version via a custom property across multiple events

We have a command line (CLI) tool available to our customers. The tool provides many commands, and each command is instrumented with an event using Pendo Track Events. Each time a command is run we log an event and include a property `cli_version` which documents the current version of the tool.

I want to get an accurate view of what versions of the tool are in use across our visitors. I'm looking at the Data Explorer to provide this report.

Ideally I want a chart which shows the % and/or number of visitors using each version of the CLI.

I can report on the versions in use for a single command if I set the Query to just one event (i.e. one command) then Group By the Event Property `cli_version`. My concern is that this report configuration shows the versions in use for that one command.

If I add multiple events to the Query I get multiple rows, one for each combination of event/command and `cli_version`. 

Is it possible to create a Query that gives me one row per version, i.e. collapses the data from multiple events into one set before grouping by the `cli_version`?

Hope this makes sense.




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  • Noting some advice a Pendo contact gave me (thank you):

    You should select the event (that carries the property) that has the most users and then group by the property. It won't be the entire population set you're looking for, but the sample is likely representative and will give you the % breakdown you're looking for.


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