Track Events

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Track Events are event type information programmatically sent to Pendo. These events can be server side for things like an API being called, an email being sent to a user, or other server events. In addition, you can pass client/browser-side events such as a browser error, download complete, or other events that aren’t automatically captured as click events or page load events.


For information on setting up this feature, see Track Events Configuration.


Choose Product > Track Events in the left-side navigation. This opens a list of Track Events that have come into Pendo.

Note: Track Events start showing up as Pendo receives them, so you’re not required to tag them in Pendo like Pages and Features.

Track Event Details

Opening a Track Event shows you the Track Event's details page. Details include: additional analytics, the ability to change the Group of the Track Event, and the ability rename the Track Event if you want to.


Custom segments using Track Events

You can build custom segments off of Track Events in Pendo, for example, Visitors who that have seen a specific event more than 10 times.



Note: You can build custom segments within Pendo’s UI using Track Event properties. Admins can enable "Click Event Properties" from subscription settings. For more information, see Feature Click Event Properties Overview.

Delete Track Events

If you have a Track Event that you no longer want to see in Pendo, perhaps because the Track Event was a part of testing, you can delete the specific Track Event in the Track Event’s details page.

Creating a new Track Event with the same name as a deleted Track Event won't work.


If you accidentally delete an event and want it re-enabled, contact Pendo Support.