Tech Note: Installing Pendo on multiple domains or subdomains

Question: My web application has pages across multiple domains (or subdomains). However they are all considered the same product, and I would like to track usage across these pages as one product. Is that possible?


Answer: Yes, that is fine, and you would install the same Pendo snippet on every page. The Pendo snippet contains the application key, which tells Pendo which application to associate the data with. You could install this same snippet on any number of domains/subdomains, and as long as you use the same snippet, the data will be collected under the same application key.

Our recommendation is to install one Pendo application key per product. So for this situation where the multiple domains (or subdomains) are still considered one product, using the same Pendo snippet (with the same application key) makes the most sense.

However, if you are in a different situation and wish to put Pendo on multiple products, we would recommend using a different Pendo snippet (with a separate application key per product), as described here:




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