Core Events per User Persona?

When defining Core Events for our platform I'm finding mixing Core Events that are only available to "Admin Users" with Core Events that are available to "All Users" most likely is impacting the PES in a negative way.  Would you recommend that Core Events are only those features that are available to anyone that uses the app?



  • That's interesting, Kent! You could always have two different PES widgets that compare the PES of your Admin users vs. non-Admins. That way, you get a better sense of the feature usage associated with folks who have access to all the features vs. some. 

    But, you could also brainstorm with your team on which features that are accessible to all may be a better representation of your core events. 

  • Another consideration is to configure your PES to look at account-wide use, not visitor-level use. Then your mix of core events should be okay or more okay?


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