Option to Reactivate Guides by the users to watch them again

The application is already having activated Guided Walkthrough, But users can only see it once, and once seen the guides never appear again. 

  • Does Pendo have any settings for enabling the users to reactivate the guides so that they can see them one more time?
  • Or is there any possibility to develop the functionality or add a toggle for reactivating the Guided walkthrough programmatically with the help of the developer?


  • Hi Sahil

    There are a few options for sure...without any development these 3 may be possible for you.

    1) Configure the guide with repeat display e.g. show it weekly until it's dismissed 3 times

    2) Make it available on demand, by using Pendo to insert a Badge somewhere in your application - see guide activation settings.

    3) Make it available on demand by deploying the resource center that Pendo offers, and adding the guide to a module within that.

  • We did #3 . . . created another module in the resource center for 'I want to . . . ' and put the same courses from the onboarding there so people can run them whenever - same course w/ a slightly different description for the launch

  • Thanks, alan.stephens and Susan Shevelenko for your suggestions. 
    In addition to my previous requests, we require a toggle or button that will enable a user to reactivate all guides. This will allow them to view all the guides as if they were a new user. Is there a way to accomplish this programmatically? We are open to exploring this option.

    In my opinion, the Badge option may not be effective for our needs since it would only alert one guide at a time. Currently, our Pendo plan does not include access to the Pendo resource center.

    Looking forward. 


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