Badges aren't displaying

I'm using the free pendo version. When trying to create a badge guide I find that the badge only appears on the first step of the guide. I have checked the rules of the elements and pages for steps that follow, but see that the 'rule location' follows the location that was set in the first step of the guide. It's does not seem possible to show badges in different locations, or on different pages.


Please confirm if this is the case, or if it is a bug, or if it is due to the account being the free version - this is hindering our use of Pendo, which otherwise, seems like a great tool.





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  • The badge will be specific to the first guide step's location and targeting, you can use commas to add multiple targets to the first guide step to see if that will make the badge display next to more than one thing/across pages (but that first guide step will need to be Sitewide). What is your use case for the badge displaying after the first step?


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