Tracking multi select dropdown and text input.

We've search bar, which consist of a multi select dropdown and text input.

How to track the following?

  1. Whether users select multiple choices from the drop-down list to initiate a search.
  2. Whether users enter any values, wildcards, or leave the text field blank to begin the search


  • Check out our article on Click Event Properies and Event Properties. Note: these events are not retroactive!

  • As Erica mentioned, you'll likely need to use Event Properties since the browser doesn't see a selection from a dropdown list as a "change" in the browser that Pendo can track. Additionally, event with Event Properties, you may have to settle for the index position of the selection and then manually map that back to the user's choice. Ex. The index position for Location 1 would be "0" and then you'd be able to track the number of users selecting (index 0) and know that it's Location 1. I understand that explanation can be a bit complicated, but it may make more sense once you begin setting up the event property.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Hi, I am trying to set up the same thing but we have 3 filters with 50+ multi-select options each. Am I going to have to set them up one by one? Thanks so much! 

  • tess baldwin You should only have to do this for the three filters (as long as you add the event properties of the multi-select options for each correctly). 


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