Guide not triggering after element click

Having difficulty getting a guide to trigger after an element click. Essentially once you click the desired element I am targeting, you are directed to a new URL and because it's a different URL I am not able to get the guide to trigger and work properly. If I ignore throttling then the guide appears without hitting the target element. Genuinely at a loss here and not sure what to do. Any help would be tremendously appreciated!



  • Do you have the behavior of your guide to Advance on Element Click?

  • Hey Erica Akroyd yes I do! I am wondering if it is a page tagging issue?

    Each question has its own URL as pictured. Then when you submit the answer it takes you back to a page where you can choose your next question, the URL for that page would be static. I want the guide to appear no matter what question you're answering after you submit your response. Do you know if I applied the paging tagging rule correctly?


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