Activating a Guide via Permalink Only


I am looking to leverage Pendo guides for specific customer education objectives and want to be able to activate them using a Permalink. I understand how to obtain or create a permalink from a public guide, but I do not want these guides to be accessed via a feature click or badge hover, for example.

I want these guides to be activated if any user from any segment clicks on a permalink external to Pendo, but in order to do this, the guide needs need to be set to "everyone" for the segment. However, I do not want this guide to be something that is activated for everyone (as many will not want or need it.) Is there a way to set up a guide that can act as an externally activated guide only?

Thank you!



  • Hi Meredith, if you open the guide designer and click on Activation, you can disable the guide from all activation methods there (Auto, Badge, etc.)

    That way, it can only be launched by API or Permalink.  You can still segment it to Everyone and be safe that it will only be pop up when triggered via the Permalink if that's the method you want.

    Hope that helps. Alan

  • Hi Alan, I tried this however when I enter the url with the pendo permalink, the popup does not appear. After disabling Automatic activation it now says it can only be activated via API. Why doesn't it mention Permalink? Thank you!

  • Hi Emma, I think that's just a poor description tbh (i.e. where it says it can only be activated by API) 

    If your permalink guide is live, and the user you are using falls in the segment, I would suggest opening up the debugger 

    pendo.enableDebugging();  (in the console)

    to try and figure out why it's not firing for you.


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