Pendo to Snowflake - Seeing split data for a single user; should I sum it or take the max?

We recently set up a Pendo to Snowflake data connection, and in Snowflake, I'm seeing data that seems split, but is unique to a single user. It looks like Pendo is capturing activity for this user when they had 0 Active Cohorts and then a separate line of activity data for when they had 1 Active Cohort (see screen shot). Would it be right to SUM this user's events and minutes metrics to get a complete picture of how long they were on our site and how many events they did, or should we take the MAX (does this second value encompass the minutes and events the user had when they had 0 cohorts?)



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    I'm messaging directly with Brittany via the Support ticket she submitted, but wanted to also answer here in case others have a similar question.


    You're getting separate rows because the metadata field 'cohorts_active_in_current_full_year_implementation_period' is enabled for historical metadata. You can see this yourself by going to Settings > Data Mappings. Thus, we're capturing the value of that metadata field as an additional event property with every page view and feature click. If you go to a page/feature details page in Pendo, you'll see that event property table with the column for that metadata field. 

    I don't know what a value of 0 means for this metadata field. However, if you just want to understand the visitor's total usage for that page/feature, you should sum the num_events and num_minutes fields.  If you want to understand their usage based on whether their metadata field was 0 or 1, you can use the separate rows which split out the usage by that value.

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