Creating an interactive guide (multi-page)

Looking for a guide expert out there!

I want a guide to start on one page and continue on another page (e.g. Click here ... Now click here ... etc.)

Is this possible out of the box?

One way I'm thinking this *could* be achieved is by creating a second guide and creating a segment to require the user to have interacted with the first guide?

Any workaround to make a guide multi-page is appreciated!




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    Yes, that can be done out of the box.

    On the transition from step 1 of the guide to step 2, you will want 2 actions.... 

    1. Change the page URL

    2. Move to next step of the guide.

    That can be configured from within the designer.


  • Hey thanks Alan!

    Can I also make it so that the tooltip will close the moment the user hovers over the tagged element including the above still working?

  • Possibly with some custom javascript, but I don't think so (out of the box).


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